Coming from a background in Gymnastics, I first began practicing Yoga as a way to stay connected to my love of strong, flexible body movement. The more I embraced the Yoga lifestyle, the more I experienced the overwhelming benefits it had to offer the mind, body and spirit.

My practice helped me to overcome a long term struggle with anxiety and body image issues, as well as allowing me to feel more connected to the world around me. From this grew a great desire to share Yoga with others, so I made the decision to leave my decade long career as a Bookkeeper to pursue this passion.

Through teaching I aim to inspire those around me to live life to its fullest potentialMy Vinyasa Yoga classes in Brisbane have an emphasis on building strength in the body, regaining and maintaining mobility, all while finding those moments of connected bliss & stillness throughout the practice.

As I to continue on my personal journey, developing my knowledge and skills, I am so grateful to be about to connect with like-minded & inspiring individuals, both in person in my classes and all around the world via social media, 

I have a great love of inversions & I enjoy the simple things in life, like getting outdoors to explore new places, travelling, reading, hanging out with my Italian Greyhound, Bambi and spending time with my loved ones. As well as Yoga, I also enjoy practicing AcroYoga with my partner, Rhys, bouldering & rollerskating.

I have learnt that anything is attainable if you are willing to dedicate your mind + body + soul to it and look forward to sharing my journey in both business and life, with those who feel connected to what I do and what I stand for.